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Time Traveler download

Ball & Chain download

Wet but Thirsty download

Astroman / 7 dollars download

Killin Time Blues – original cut download

Killin Time download

Livin on the Corner download

Little Worm download

Anthology 89′-99′


Time Traveler download

Out of Blues download

Trip-time Jazz download

Walk Softly download

Boogida Boogida download

Cat on my Newspaper download

Far Away download

Sky is Fallin download

Sky is Fallin download

Wet but Thirsty download

The Other One download

Cherokee download

Jazz inst. download

Little Wing download

Sock-knocker-offer download

Sock-knocker-offer download

Wrangler download

The Perfect Ex -instrumental download

Billy Goat download

Billy Goat2 download

Blue Suede Shoes download

D.D. Day download

Giant Steps download

Rampart Cop download

Camels on the Forefront download

Poor Todd download

Haberdasher’s Suite download

Sugambi download

Rampart Cop – 2004


Little Worm download

When I Think of You download

Rampart Cop download

The People Around Me download

lawn job download

The Perfect Ex download


Live in 09

7 dollars live download

astroman 7 dollars download

ball & chain download

haberdasher suite download

killin time blues download

killin time download

mike and shannon blues download

sock knocker offer download

time traveler download

triptime jazz download

Live in 2012

american slave download

haberdasher download

heal the bay download

killin time download

killin time blues download

malibu download

perfect ex download

the dukes download

when i think of you download


No Money download

No Need No download

Kauai Jam download

Live in 2013 to present

Killin Time Blues – live at the Malibu Lions Club 2016  download


Mexican Jam download (I was driving through Santa Barbara one day and saw these mexican dudes jamming in their garage. I asked if I coud jam with them. They said “yes”, so I went home and got my guitar, my drummer, and my cassette player. This is what happened next…


The Original Malibu local band – PUNK, jazz, blues, surf, reggae